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Mitsubishi Evolution 10 GSR

SGD 109,800.00
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Brand: Mitsubishi Evolution 10

Depreciation Reg. date 23 Jan 2008
Mileage Manufactured 2007
COE Expiry 22 Jan 2028 OMV $37,899.00
COE $52,271.00 ARF $41,689.00
Engine Capacity Maximum Power Output

206.0 kW

(276 bhp)

Transmission  Auto No. of Owners
Vehicle type Color Blue

Specs: Last Of Its Kind Mitsubishi Evolution 4B11 2.0L Turbocharged 4 Cylinders Engine, 5 Speed Manual Transmission, All Wheel Drive Drivetrain.

Accessories: Evo x Recaro Seats. HKS Hi-Power Exhaust And HKS GT Extension.6 x Defi Gauges. Android Touch Screen System. Brembo Brakes. Fully Adjustable Coilover Sus.

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