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Kia Cerato Forte Koup 1.6 SX MT D/AB 2DR SR

SGD 7,800.00
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Brand: Kia Cerato Forte Koup

Depreciation Reg. date 29 Dec 2009
Mileage Manufactured 2009
COE Expiry 28 Dec 2024 OMV $14,010.00
COE $15,988.00 ARF $14,010.00
Engine Capacity Maximum Power Output

92.7 kW

(124 bhp)

Transmission  Auto No. of Owners
Vehicle type Color White

Specs: 1.6L 4 Cylinders 16V, 4 Speed (A), ABS, SRS Airbags, 4 x Disc Brake, TRC, Auto Headlight, Keyless Entry/start/stop, Sunroof, Knockdown Rear Seats

Accessories: Leather Upholstery, Sports Rims, Reverse Sensors, Knockdown Rear Seats, Retractable Side Mirrors And Fog Lights.

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